Getting Help With My Eye Health

Getting Help With My Eye Health

Diabetes 101: 4 Simple Tips For Healthy Eyes

Scarlett Garza

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects far more than just blood sugar. If you have diabetes, it could be affecting the health of your eyesight. Diabetes can cause a variety of eye-related issues, including cataracts and glaucoma. This makes it incredibly important that you are vigilant about both your overall health and your eye health. So how can you prevent diabetes-related issues from damaging your eyesight? Here are four tips:

1. Wear Sunglasses

Perhaps one of the easiest tips for preserving your eye health when you have diabetes is to wear sunglasses. Sunlight can affect your eyes, just like it does your skin. So always wear sunglasses while outside on bright, sunny days. Although a simple tip, sunglasses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This added protection will prevent the likelihood of your eyes developing serious vision diseases such as cataracts.

2. Notice Eyesight Changes

Another helpful tip is to be observant about your eyesight. This is especially important for those suffering from diabetes, because early diagnosis can help prevent long-term vision problems. So if you notice anything odd or unusual with your eyesight, contact your eye doctor immediately. Things such as blurry or cloudy vision should be looked at immediately. Other vision-related issues to be mindful of include floaters, flashing, or inability to focus on objects. Dry eyes, eye redness, and pressure should also be looked at by an optometrist if they are persistent.

3. Monitor Blood Sugar

As you probably know, it is important that you monitor and maintain your blood sugar levels. By maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, you'll prevent a lot of diabetes-related issues, including problems with your eyesight. So make sure that you are consistently checking your blood sugar as recommended by your physician.

4. Get Regular Eye Exams

Finally, make sure you go in for routine eye exams regularly. Diabetes is an ever-changing disease, and your eye doctor can notice these small changes in your eyes. It might sound odd, but an optometrist can even diagnose you with diabetes. So it is very important that you go in yearly for a comprehensive eye exam. At your appointment, your eye doctor can determine whether or not you are developing diabetic eye disease. They can also determine whether you'll need prescription drops or corrective lenses.

While diabetes can cause problems with your vision, many issues can be prevented. By following these tips and leading a healthy life, you'll ensure that your eyesight remains healthy – and that your vision doesn't become restricted. Click here for more info about diabetic eye treatment.


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