Getting Help With My Eye Health

Getting Help With My Eye Health

Good And Bad Things For Your Eyes

Scarlett Garza

Your eyes are so very important to your health, well-being and mental state that you definitely want to make sure you don't take them for granted. You should put the time and effort into learning all about what it takes to treat your eyes how they should be and avoiding anything that can be bad for them. This article will provide you with a lot of helpful information on things that are good for your eyes and things that are bad for your eyes.

Things that are bad for your eyes

Going out in the sunlight without eye protection – Going out in the direct sunlight without wearing sunglasses that have proper UV protection can leave you at greater risk of eye problems. Your macula can suffer damage that can even lead to blindness if it isn't treated promptly and correctly. If you wear prescription glasses, then you want to have a UV protective tint applied to them, so they will act as both prescription lenses and proper sunglasses when you are outside.

Not wearing safety goggles – Many people suffer all kinds of eye damage that could have easily been avoided had they just been wearing safety goggles. If you work in a field where small, or even large, [articles can make their way into the air then you should always have safety goggles on. They will protect you from getting things like sawdust, pieces of metal, concrete dust or anything else in your eyes that can seriously damage them.

Things that are good for your eyes

Treating your entire body right – Many of the same things that are healthy for the rest of your body can also be healthy for your eyes. Making sure you eat a well-balanced diet daily will ensure that you are getting the vitamins and minerals that play an important part of keeping your eyes healthy. You also want to maintain a healthy weight, make sure you stay hydrated and stay on top of any health conditions you have, such as diabetes.

Making it to all your eye exam appoint – If you feel like your vision is perfectly fine, then it can be easy to brush off your up and coming eye exam. However, making it to your regular eye appointments is very important for the health and well-being of your eyes. This is the best way to ensure that any problems are caught right away, so they can be dealt with before they become worse. You may also not notice that your prescription has changed, but your optometrist will see this and get you in the correct prescription.


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Getting Help With My Eye Health

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